Cold Lake strengthens the Board

Sep 12, 2023

Cold Lake are close to start construction of its future fish farm in Kall, Jämtland. When ready, the farm will produce 4000 tonnes of Arctic Char.

Because of the sustainable advantages, the future within fish farming goes towards land- based production. Cold Lake will be the first large scale land- based fish farm in Sweden.

To further strengthen the team, Cold Lake are glad to welcome Anders Sundström to our Board of Directors. Anders will through his extensive experience and competences not only contribute in our current fund- raising process, but also be a great support to the management team and our Board going forward.

Comment from Cold Lake CEO, Andreas Ericson: To have Anders on the team I believe will be a great strength for both management, our Board and all our current and future partners. Anders has a wide experience in various fields that are relevant to what we aim to achieve. I am really looking forward to work alongside Anders in these exiting times.

Comment from Anders Sundström: I am looking forward to start working with the team at Cold Lake. A really exciting and well- structured project that aims to contribute to a more sustainable way of producing food in Sweden. The future business will also contribute to bringing life back to rural communities which also is vital to the many de- populated areas in Sweden.

Anders joined the Board of directors on the 12th of September 2023.

Contact: CEO, Cold Lake Andreas Ericson, 0702960166